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От пользователя hsalam38 04.02.2016 11:55:39
improving english

  hi every one , I am peshawa from kurdistan-Iraq and I think i am very friendly , i like making friend so much  ,  I want to improve my speaking english and practice english ,if anyone h***e the same interest, let me know . thank you all  and here is my face book accont  https://www.facebook.com/peshawa.slah and my skype name is   (peshawa salah) Arbil,Iraq] or you can chat withme here (on this aite) , i will be online every day at  16 GMT and at the end thank you again , h***e a good time

От пользователя xhec492 06.02.2016 8:58:23
RE: improving english
Hi peshawa my name is kiki i am learning english now and i want to talk to the people
От пользователя wcheung486 12.02.2016 0:33:17
RE: improving english
hi everyone, i found a best way to improve our English as well, we need to try using a words everyday, after a few month ago maybe progressive a lot, so I am looking for some body who opens whatapp group let me to join, thank you for all of you if you can introduce to me.