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Вы уверены, что вы хотите покинуть эту группу?

Вы уверены, что вы хотите удалить дискуссионную тему can you name such movies as The master(2012)???
От пользователя MMn93 17.03.2015 4:10:33
can you name such movies as The master(2012)??

 in recent years i hardly found movies like the master in this genre
juaquin phoenix performs the role in the best way,really marelous
those who are into these kinda movie would figure out what im saying
comment guys


От пользователя GAraujoFontoura 22.03.2015 15:18:47
RE: can you name such movies as The master(2012)??
Have you tried another Paul Thomas Anderson movie? "Hard Eight" and "There Will Be Blood" are good choices! Talking about Joaquin Phoenix, "Her", by Spike Jonze, is a movie where he did a great job! Actually, It's a character totally different that he did in "The Master", but he's very well again.
От пользователя MMn93 23.03.2015 7:29:24
RE: RE: can you name such movies as The master(2012)??

thank u bro for giving ur comment,ill definitely watch "There Will Be blood'', ive heard about it,but generally im looking for those movies that challange brains and have sorta illusion and secret in them

От пользователя GAraujoFontoura 23.03.2015 7:47:48
RE: RE: RE: can you name such movies as The master(2012)??
My pleasure, man. Have you seen Inception, by Christopher Nolan? I guess you will like.

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