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Вы уверены, что вы хотите покинуть эту группу?

Вы уверены, что вы хотите удалить дискуссионную тему Used to?
От пользователя SGrennan1 03.01.2012 12:59:20
Used to

 Used to, to be used to and get used to

Used to

Something that was true in the past but is different now.

I used to live in Ireland, but now I live in Brazil.


To be used to

Something that you do a lot and it becomes normal to you.

Remember: with to be used to, you will have verb to be, used to and verb with -ing

I am used to living in Brazil.


Get used to

Get used to describes the process of an action becoming normal to you.

I could get used to living in Florianopolis.

Note that get used to is also followed by the ing form of the verb.

How many sentences can you make for us, using used to and these rules?

От пользователя TPereira542 07.01.2012 13:59:41
RE: Used to
I used to study by myself before knowing Englishtown. I am used to studying hard after English town. I need to get used to used "present perfect", because it is a little hard to understand
От пользователя SGomesFerreira5 08.09.2012 19:40:01
RE: RE: Used to
I use to live in São Paulo, but now I live in Dreamland. I am used to learning english.
От пользователя AEduardoFaustino 26.10.2012 20:40:22
RE: Used to
I used to go clubbing every weekends, but now I do it once per month. I'm used to studying english a lot at Englishtown every day. I must to get used to improving my english speek.
От пользователя egomes1241 18.11.2012 11:14:23
RE: RE: RE: Used to
é mesmo! eu gosto da Ef,os professores são legais! Mas essa história do PRIVATE TEACHER. A PESSOA PODE DESISTIR DO CURSO,MAS TEM QUE PAGAR UMA TAXA. ABSURDO MESMO! Pensei em fazer também,mas não vale a pena, pagar 149,00 por 1 aula particuclar por mês. é melhor fazer numca escola tradicional por ái...
От пользователя lcosta851 09.12.2012 13:37:04
RE: Used to
I used to study english in a tradicional school but now I get used to studying in a online school. I'm think that it will be easy becouse I am used to studying by myself.
От пользователя JRodrigoPereira1 13.03.2013 16:02:51
RE: Used to
I used to go to the parties frequently before of start to study english, but now I'm used to study hard to improve my english. I need get used to speaking english before of Cup of Brazil 2014.
От пользователя lnegreiros7 21.07.2013 17:48:27
RE: RE: RE: RE: Used to
I think traditional schools worse than on-line school. I've ever been at many of these schools, but my english didn't improve, only at on-line schools.
От пользователя LReigota2 12.08.2015 10:48:46
RE: Used to

i'm living in Rio de Janeiro, but, I could get used to living in Brasilia