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Вы уверены, что вы хотите удалить дискуссионную тему Summer Trips ?
От пользователя VSpirandeo 04.01.2011 13:53:33
Summer Trips

Ok, maybe, you are working right now, but, if you were on vacantions and you could choose anywhere in this world, where would you spend your summer vacation?

От пользователя ALuiz569 04.01.2011 19:15:54
RE: Summer Trips
I would like to go to Canada. I saw the Winter Olimpic Games in Vancouver on TV. I really liked there. I promissed for myself that, one day I will be there.
От пользователя VSpirandeo 05.01.2011 8:13:35
RE: RE: Summer Trips
Canada, to escape summer. Great idea! :) I'd like to go to Scotland to do enjoy winter during summer.
От пользователя AAlvesPereiraJnior 24.02.2011 6:34:32
RE: RE: RE: Summer Trips
I'd like to go to Paris.
От пользователя balish 16.05.2011 13:01:13
RE: Summer Trips
I can dream up? I would spend my vacation summer in a backpacking trip in Europe! hahahaha
От пользователя SPereiraCoutinho1 18.05.2011 19:34:28
RE: Summer Trips
I would spend my summer vacation in Italy .....
От пользователя ANeves509 26.05.2011 20:58:40
Summer Trips
I would like to travel to Fernando de Noronha, in Brazil. I went to Isla Margarita, in Venezuela. It's a beautiful place too, the people are very atencious and friendly.
От пользователя RCunha464 06.06.2011 16:11:17
RE: Summer Trips
Thirty days in Europe! It is a dream.
От пользователя ALIRARIBEIROSILVA 06.06.2011 17:09:35
RE: RE: Summer Trips
Irlanda!! É um sonho que vou realizar se Deus quiser =D
От пользователя ASantos6485 30.06.2011 10:02:57
RE: RE: RE: Summer Trips
In Europe, there are beautiful cities where I would like to know.
От пользователя RFragaFaria 30.06.2011 17:58:59
RE: RE: RE: RE: Summer Trips
It´s so hardy to make a choice. There are many beautiful places to visit: Greece... Italy... Spain... England...Ireland... Egypt...
От пользователя VdosAnjos12 07.07.2011 21:08:23
RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Summer Trips
I'd like to go to Paris. It's my dream to visit France. All people that lives in Rio de Janeiro should to visit Paraty ! It's a beautiful place, very beautiful !
От пользователя FMaral9 26.10.2011 5:58:14
RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Summer Trips
I would like to Italy! My dreams is visit the Vatican!
От пользователя RSantos3281 29.10.2011 10:34:26
RE: Summer Trips
I'd like to spend my vacations in Caribbean. It would be nice to stay in clear waters.
От пользователя TNegherbon1 17.02.2012 13:20:31
RE: RE: Summer Trips
The summer is in the south hemisphere and you guys wanting to go freeze on the north? Come on, enjoy the beaches we have here in Brazil. For example, I will spend some weekends (because I ain't on vacations) at my beach house in Praia da Pinheira, Palhoça, Santa Catarina.
От пользователя BSantana213 27.02.2012 13:52:55
RE: Summer Trips
I would like to go to London.
От пользователя AAndrade1840 27.02.2012 15:52:31
RE: Summer Trips
Surely in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil. There has many beautiful beaches, and people are also very beautiful.
От пользователя SFernandesCollidaSilva1 19.03.2012 0:06:49
RE: Summer Trips
I'd like to go to Miami Beach in July. I'd like to know London, too!
От пользователя aamily95 02.04.2012 8:12:59
RE: Summer Trips
if i can dream up ,i am eager to stay some university at finland as a Foreign Exchange .in my opinion,a short traveling term will never know a place 's real appearance,which is what i wanna to know .mmm,,,by the way ,please allow me that i ,not a brazilian, join this group .hee hee i only as well as want to practise my enlish .thanks everyone .
От пользователя MMoreira1159 05.04.2012 15:33:40
RE: RE: Summer Trips
There are very places in Brazil for the vacation. But, If you want a place out of here, then refer you to England.
От пользователя FBetti11 22.04.2012 20:55:52
RE: Summer Trips
In Brazil any beach satisfy me. But in other countries i would like visit New Zeland.
От пользователя LMELLO269 12.05.2012 8:51:33
RE: RE: Summer Trips
Hey !!! I like this idea. Maybe next year I will go to NZ. But I want to stay there at least 2 months, I'd like go to Australia too.
От пользователя MFonseca847 23.05.2012 17:33:38
RE: Summer Trips
Hello, I love to travel and see new places, but today would not know where. I know a part of France and Andorra.
От пользователя FMonteiro367 30.06.2012 6:57:47
RE: Summer Trips
I love travelling and exploring new places. I'd like to go to China, Canada, Australia and maybe to the moon. :)) Wherever you do, wherever you go, enjoy yourself.
От пользователя bkaraslan 30.06.2012 17:10:59
RE: Summer Trips

Hello..I m from Turkey..l would love to travel to Brasil...I curiorus about Brasilian culture..Sometimes l watch Brasilian map.I know brasilian map as turkey map as..l like brasilian people..they are not sullen or sulky..they are friendly..What do you advice to me about Brasil trip..Obrigado

От пользователя SFerreira1298 23.07.2012 19:02:04
RE: RE: Summer Trips
Depends on what you like. We have regions very differents where have sun all year and other with very rain, cold.
От пользователя TUOLL18375 07.08.2012 22:08:19
RE: Summer Trips
Certainly in Irland or Switzerland.
От пользователя TUOLL18375 07.08.2012 22:08:31
RE: Summer Trips
Certainly in Irland or Switzerland.