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Вы уверены, что вы хотите покинуть эту группу?

Вы уверены, что вы хотите удалить дискуссионную тему Guess what??
От пользователя CPires216 22.09.2010 8:28:22
Guess what?

What was this man thinking when he got this watch? Tell us your guess.


От пользователя VSpirandeo 23.09.2010 9:58:44
RE: Guess what?
I think this guy just does not like to have a schedule. Why using hours? : )
От пользователя BCoutinho33 23.09.2010 10:38:56
RE: Guess what?
This kid is hourless! :p
От пользователя ieljhani 23.09.2010 12:25:54
RE: Guess what?
if it happened with me i kill my kids
От пользователя Cpessato1 04.10.2010 7:57:21
RE: Guess what?
I don’t have time. The time finished!
От пользователя RMartinsLopes5 22.10.2010 12:19:15
RE: RE: Guess what?
he will not want to remember of the hour, but yes forget tho commitments.( pleas, i'm a beginner)
От пользователя LDOSSANTOS385 20.11.2010 15:52:20
RE: Guess what?
Relax! Allow time to time.
От пользователя CFerreira1736 18.12.2010 11:02:30
RE: Guess what?
The time is relative when we don't have hurry.
От пользователя VPereira746 23.12.2010 8:54:45
RE: Guess what?
I guess time is an human invention, thefore he's using an watch whithout hour!
От пользователя SPereira330 24.12.2010 2:33:17
RE: Guess what?
I am free, I do not have any obligation relative to the humam invented time.
От пользователя LBarboza110 26.12.2010 0:59:59
RE: Guess what?
I think that man is blind and someone cheated on him.
От пользователя ALima2822 29.12.2010 11:03:53
RE: Guess what?
I am going out and I don't have time to come back.
От пользователя MSilva10651 23.01.2011 9:41:38
RE: Guess what?
I have no more time.... ahushaushahs
От пользователя HSales33 08.03.2011 9:30:27
RE: Guess what?
Maybe, he was pulling my leg, because there's any watch parts inside the shell.
От пользователя TLopes430 13.05.2011 13:10:05
RE: Guess what?
"next week i go to buy the rest" hahaha'
От пользователя TLopes430 13.05.2011 13:10:10
RE: Guess what?
"next week i go to buy the rest" hahaha'
От пользователя RSantos3281 29.10.2011 10:43:46
RE: RE: Guess what?
Enough! It is time to stop work and to have more fun! Don't worry about time.