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Председатели: samantha (Administrator)

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От пользователя MSaenz Perez 09.04.2010 14:20:40
Thinking about Taiwan

I would like to visit Taiwan, so I realized that's a unknowk place for me...

What things do you think I must see or try, if I ever go to Taiwan?

Thanks ;)

От пользователя ccheng938 21.04.2010 14:12:34
RE: Thinking about Taiwan
Hi Manu, Its glad to know you will visiting Taiwan one day. I think you will fall in love... The greatest thing about Taiwan is Night market. You can taste all kinds of street food, play sport games, shopping, see people smiling everywhere... We are also hostpitable! You would also love to see natural landscapes, impressed mountains, lakes, beaches. Hope you would have a great trip in Taiwan.
От пользователя MSaenz Perez 21.04.2010 14:51:13
RE: RE: Thinking about Taiwan
Thanks for the information, Kath ;) What's the place of Taiwan you like the most? By the way the picture you've posted are beautiful!
От пользователя llinna41 09.07.2011 22:24:03
RE: Thinking about Taiwan
Enjoy all kinds of local snacks.
От пользователя jbbn2 20.08.2011 4:53:56
RE: Thinking about Taiwan
hi, Welcome to Taiwan , It is amazing place. I would share about Taiwan website to you and wish you have a nice traveling in here. http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNO=0000247
От пользователя gchumnanpat 18.05.2014 6:22:56
RE: Thinking about Taiwan
Hello,MSaenz,actually there're too many thing to recommend u to try!! First, a challenge for u is visiting whole island by cycling, and u will find out that its the best way to see the locals. Not a worry about u might need any repairs,I am pretty sure u will gain many helps from friendly Taiwanese. Second,are u interested in mountain climbing? Yu-san mountain is quite recommended,besides, more than a hundred of mountain is breathtaking and worth to do,please do this with local trained guides for safety. At the same time, u might meet some Taiwan aboriginals to experience their cultures and foods. Last, I specially suggest u go to night markets,trying some fabulous cuisines,such as stingy tofu, beef noodles etc. That's a good place to go at night. Wish u can have fun here. Min Yang

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